Zebra-striped Cork Wallet
Zebra-striped Cork Wallet
Zebra-striped Cork Wallet

Zebra-striped Cork Wallet

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Please say hello to Vegan Folded Wally: Made from sustainably grown and harvested cork, Vegan Folded Wally is the first in my new line of environmentally friendly products!

The Folded Wally is made from cork fabric, which is durable and easy to clean. It is a great substitute for leather because it has the same soft, pliable feel and durability without the environmental costs.

Folded Wally is perfect for a back pocket, front pocket, or in your purse. Slip your ID card in one side and your cards, put up to 10 credit cards plus bills in the two pocket on the other side. The cork fabric has a slight elastic give so you you can pack quite a few items in your wallet.


  • 3"x4" when folded/closed.
  • 6.5" opened when opened.
  • 3.5" inner pockets.
  • 0.25" thick when folded over. With about 8 credit cards and some dollar bills it is approximately 0.5"

WEIGHT: 0.5 ounces
MATERIAL: Sustainably grown and harvested cork.